About Maria

Armed with nothing but love for GOD and His amazing creation, I will conquer the world, one place at a time. Started just last 2013 and from then on my goal is to travel at least 3 times a year. 2 places from my country, Philippines and 1 abroad. And with each and every travel, separation anxiety attacks. Oh well. Thank GOD for seat sales that traveling now is easy on the budget.

I travel alone, with friends and in the future, I’d like to travel with my family as well. (If you are asking if I’m single, Yes I am)

Share with me your amazing trips and I will share mine as well, with some helpful tips.



11 thoughts on “About Maria

    1. Thanks. Will try to post something about that as I am afraid most of the blogs I follow already got their Liebster Award. but nonetheless I will return the favor. thank you so much for the appreciation.

  1. Hi, Maria. I’m just dropping in because I haven’t seen you in a long time. Checking to see if you are still blogging. If so, drop by and leave me a “hello.” Have a great 2017.

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