Empty Street, Heavy Heart

3 days in Langkawi Island of Malaysia is such a short trip. I know. I just want to squeeze it in my trip to Penang and experience backpacking for the first time. It was a great experience. The hostel where I stayed is but a humble place. Nothing fancy but I opt to stay at such place because I know I would be out most of the time. I just need a nice bed to comfort me when I sleep after a day of wandering. The hosts were very much accommodating. As soon as I arrived in the hostel they briefed me about the place and my stay. Reena and her husband Azwan were very nice and they even introduced me to their friends and we immediately clicked as if we all have know each other from before.

I also met solo travelers like me, Marine (Swiss), Lisa (German), Jeff/Pierre (Canadian) and Jiwun (Korean). They were all nice and up until now, we still communicate from time to time via Facebook.

I just stayed in Langkawi for 3 days. Leaving made me sad and each step is difficult to make. It was a week ago since I arrived and up until now, I am still amazed at this decision. As I reflect on my 1st solo trip, I realized how much have I discovered about myself and the places I have been to. I would definitely do it again. My feet are itching for its next wandering and my fingers are excited to google for my next trip.

I will be posting some pictures from my trip in my next blog and will write more about it.



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