Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Great Expectations.”

I’ll make this short and quick. I am very much wanting to buy my first ever car before the year ends. My best friend and I have this pact that by the end of the year we will both buy our own cars. We actually have this monthly reminder to save any amount in the bank to fund our year end goal. I was actually behind the monthly goal because I need to pay for other bills at home. But I promised myself and my friend that I will catch up.

What I will do when I finally have my little sunshine (not the name of my car, I just like it because it seems so happy and light), I will use it for work of course but more than that, I’d like it to take me to more places I haven’t been before. Right at this moment I am already dreaming about my first ever joy ride, where it will take me and who will be with me. I want to go somewhere far where I can relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, marvel at people and explore new and exciting things. I’d probably go North first. Visit the Ilocos Region and enjoy the beach. Of course I will not forget to take beautiful pictures to post in my blog. I think my car will be my new best friend. When I’m sad I will just ride on it and allow my feet and my car take me to some place where my soul can be calm and tranquil. When I’m happy, I will probably bring some friends or my family with me on a trip down South and again go to the beach and have some R and R.

I would probably start an road trip diary in my blog. I will write here places I’ve been to just by driving my car. I think this is not a bad idea.  I just might find a better title for that section.

So there you have it. My response to the “Great Expectation” prompt in the Daily Post. I might check it out again to find other inspirations to blog about.

Thanks for dropping by.

9 thoughts on “Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

  1. Sounds like fun. Just a side note, however, in the US, a ‘joy ride’ generally means that someone has ‘borrowed’ someone else’s car to ride around in. Usually without asking! BUT since it would be your car, just remember to give yourself permission to go! Beach sounds fun, fun fun!

  2. Hey Sunshine

    Glad to know about your expectations and goals and I hope you soon get it fulfilled. 🙂
    “Great Expectations” was also the name of a Charles Dickens novel. 🙂
    I wish you all the very best Maria 🙂


    1. Thanks @Anand.
      Yup. “Great Expectatios” is a famous novel of Dickens. I have it in my iPad and have started reading it.
      Thanks for the read.
      All the best to you as well. 🙂

  3. That sounds exciting, it’s exactly what I planned to do with my new car. I used to find beautiful places to sit and eat my lunch and daft things like that. I’d love to read your diary when you start it.

  4. I would probably start an road trip diary in my blog. I will write here places I’ve been to just by driving my car. I think this is not a bad idea. I just might find a better title for that section. — Yes go for it..looking forward in reading this kind of posts 😀

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