When I wander to see GOD’s wonders

I was reading a comment from Aunt Neta and I remembered one of the  reasons why I started blogging again. I want to show the world the beauty of GOD’s creation. Honestly, I wanted to travel so I can marvel at GOD’s amazing masterpiece. I would often tell myself “My GOD, how were you able to create these?” or “Great are the works of your hands.”. And just so you would know, my trips are usually filled with jaw-dropping and wide-eyed, Oooohhhs and Wows. I have just seen quite a few but as I discover new places, I tell you, it makes me want to discover new places more and more each day.

The view makes you forget all the problems, stress and pressing matters that clutter your mind and your life. It makes you feel one  with nature and GOD. It is as if you can hear the still small voice of GOD saying, “I am just here for you. Don’t give up. Just wait and be still. I will carry you.”

I will not stop exploring so I can share with everyone the wonderful creation of GOD.


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