An Open Letter To All Travel Bugs

I am an amateur. I know I am and I won’t deny it. Unlike some of you, I still rely so much with Google for my next destination. I get inspiration from thousands of blogs with “travel” tags and see where my budget can take me in my next journey. From 5 days and 4 nights in “_” to tourist attractions in “_”, or famous places in “_”, to how do I get to “_” from “_”, name it. I know my fingers typed them on my keyboard like its automatic.  Almost all of the time, my search ended up with smiles and giggles. It makes me want to book my next trip or speed up the days to my next flight date.  And even if I am settled with my itinerary, I still google a few more times. Yours might have been one of those I have bookmarked in my computer or might have printed and brought with me in my trip.

Now, why I am writing this? I just wanted to say “Thank you”. From the bottom of my heart, I am indebted to you. Seeing the world through your lenses are unimaginable. That feeling when I read every words and expressions it is unexplainable. I now have a long list of places to discover and explore. And it goes on and on as I continue wondering and wandering in in very page of your virtual space.

Much to my dismay, some would still take advantage of travelers wherever in the globe you may be. But because of you, I won’t get fooled on my next trip. I know how much will I spend and how to get the best deals. This is also because of YOU.

Your tips on what to buy, eat, wear, what to try, what to bring, what to do… ughh! They are all amazing. It makes every journey, smooth, hassle free and worth every single penny. Seriously! I can’t thank YOU enough.

And as I end this letter, I pray to GOD that you won’t stop. So I and other wanderers would have a lot more places to gush about and our itchy feet will continue to stroll around new territories.

YOU are my inspiration. Through YOU I get to see GOD’s amazing creations. Because of YOU I feel so near with my creator.

P.S. I am excited for my next trip. I know you are too.  And I will return the favor by sharing my experiences as well.


8 thoughts on “An Open Letter To All Travel Bugs

  1. I’m glad I found your blog. I would love to hear about your travels. I have been bitten by the travel bug too. We are going on a Mediterranean Cruise at the end of the month😊.

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