Maria, Maria, you’ve just met a girl named Maria

This isn’t actually my very 1st time to blog. With all the free blogging sites out there, you could pretty much be surprised how I seem to have tried them all. Well, not probably all, but mind you, I did started several blogs from the past and simply failed to keep up with it. It’s either I’m too busy to write anything or I have a lot of things in my head to write about but never really finished anything worthy of publishing. Likewise, you wouldn’t be surprised if I just had my site for my own. I kind of didn’t want people to see my work for fear of a lot of things. So I decided simply stop.

Then last year, for reasons I can no longer remember, I finally started to blog again. Of anything and everything under the sun. However, i got caught up with my earlier excuses. I’m busy. I can’t think of anything to blog about. But I think GOD has a totally different plan for me. He showed me “blogging101” and He wanted me to write again. Learn new things and be good at it. I know blogging isn’t something new for me but I want to be good at it. Not really to be an expert but consistently do it and then… be good at it.

So, as part of my 1st assignment, I needed to introduce myself to the world. And here it goes. My blog title says it all. I am Maria. I was actually born Maria Theresa. People often call me by my pet name “Tere” and frankly speaking, I never imagined myself being called by my very first name, Maria. It was just recently, between email exchanges with some people from Spain (work related) who would refer to me by my first name, as seeing it completely over outlook, that I realized, hey! It’s not that bad.

I pretty much wanted to share a lot of things. But for this blog, I’d like to focus on my fondness to travel. It’s nice to travel but you know when you have that notion that travelling is expensive and you would tell yourself, its not for me and then I would convince myself that it’s not for me. I envy some of my friends whose Facebook pages are filled with photos of them travelling. I told myself “How on earth can they afford that?”. I would just content myself hitting the “Like” button every time I would see their posts in my timeline. Great! What about me?!

It was in 2013 when it all changed. I saw an opportunity to travel and without any doubt, I told myself, I will go. Come hell or high waters, I will go.  It started with a conference in Hong Kong and the rest is history. From the happiest place on earth (HK Disneyland), to the land of transformers and the mummy (Universal Studios Singapore), to the palace of the king (Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Korea), I tell you these feet will go places and it’s just half of 2015. 🙂 And it isn’t that expensive after all! Thank GOD!

Of course, my travelling will not be limited to outside my territory. How will be able to appreciate the world if I will not love my homeland first. There are so many places to visit in the Philippines and I would definitely love to share it with you. I am sure you will love it too. So I made a vow, starting this year, to visit at least 2 places in the Philippines and at least 1 abroad. I had my 1st travel in El Nido Palawan last March, 2015. This September I will be visiting Penang, Malaysia and the famed island of Boracay on November, my birth month. I will share with you beautiful photos from my trip and some budget tips.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. This is the girl named Maria. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and by all means, please do leave some notes on how I can better improve my writing. And if there is anything you wish to know further about my trips or you would like to give me some travel tips, please do let me know. I would love to hear them all.


P.S. Here are some photos from my trip.



A trip to HK Disney is never complete without a picture with Mickey.


The iconic Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Photo ops right after they’ve changed the guards. (Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Korea)


I love the color of fall (Nami Island, Korea)


Not Kung Fu Panda. It’s hugging panda. (Universal Studio SG)


Nice view from up here at Matinloc Shrine, El Nido Palawan

8 thoughts on “Maria, Maria, you’ve just met a girl named Maria

    1. thank you. It’s a mandatory photo opportunity. you can just imagined what i requested my friend to go through just to have that shot. And then next thing you knew other tourists are copying our style. 🙂

    1. Wow! Compared to the others, I’m just a newbie, but just the same, thank you. For HK Disneyland, if you got just the 1 day pass, you need to maximize your visit. First things first. Arrive early. The line going in even before the gate opens are is already long. When you get inside, grab a map. It will be your best friend the whole time you are inside the theme park. Check out the rides that you really, really want to take because 1 day is never enough to be able to ride them all. Check also the schedule of the shows and parade. We personally made it a point to watch Mickey’s parade on the grounds of Disneyland and the Lion King show (look for it in the map). Don’t be so excited to have a photo op with Mickey and Minnie at the entrance, there are also other versions of Mickey and Minnie inside. Oh, and one more thing, buy your discounted Disneyland ticket at the HKIA arrival area at the China Travel Services (CTS) counter. Hope these helps. Enjoy. Share some photos okay.

  1. Maria, yes that is a nice name. I’m glad you have learned to appreciate it. I thank you for your like on my Jehovah-m’keddish post. I provided a path to your site and I have had a bit of get acquainted time with you. You mention that you feel it is God nudging you to do your blogging. That could well be. There seem to be many bloggers who are depressed and discouraged, and need a merry face and kind words. May you be used in that way. And thanks for reading me.

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