Happiness is a relative word. It can mean several things for different people. For parents, it is happiness to see their children grow up and be successful in all their endeavors. For a child, it can be having to eat a box of chocolate all by himself. For an employee, it could be the much awaited payday (you know what I mean). For businessman, it can be growth and profit in the business. But as the world evolve and changes, happiness may not only be synonymous to material possessions. It can be more than the money we have, more than the latest gadget we acquire and even beyond the partnership you may have with your wives, husbands, partners or lovers in life. It could mean all sorts of things depending on the perspective of the person you have inquired it with.


A good friend of mine always says “happiness must come from within”. What does that mean? Does that mean one should be crazy?Or should I laugh all by myself? Well, yeah, laughter may be associated with happiness. But when you laugh, it doesn’t necessary follow that you are happy, right? There is a certain in laughter that we need to see and feel in order to say that the person is indeed happy. Then how does one become happy?


I am starting now to read a new book that talks about one person’s pursuit to happiness. But it doesn’t mean that the author of the book is unhappy. Because just by the first few paragraphs in her book, i know she is happy. It probably is just that she wanted to continue to be happy. Consistency is a big word.



Anyway, I’ll continue reading this book and hopefully I will be able to share my thoughts re this one. I am no book expert though.

I just wanted to finally blog something for this week. 🙂 I know. It is a requirement so I can make this blogging thing a habit. Hahaha!!!


I am just delighted that I get to squeeze in some time for reading books. I’d like to read books again. So here it goes.

I am praying that I will be able to finish reading this book and blog about it.

Until then… All by God’s grace 🙂



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