Future Proof


On May 24 at 2PM at the Joy-Nostalg Oakwood Hotel in Ortigas, PRU LIFE UK, here in the Philippines, will hold a financial planning seminar.

It’s nice to see organizations like this company spending to teach people how to maximize their finances. I myself am a licensed financial adviser. I am blessed to have met people who teaches to be more valuable by providing financial services to people. It is through them that I decided to be in the business. I know I am still learning the ropes but I won’t stop.

I have closed several policies from friends and warm contacts but I know this is just a dot compared to a lot of people here in the Philippines who are more concerned about buying stuffs for themselves. I still have a lot of friends who worked so hard but haven’t saved even a penny. I was like that before. Now, I am slowly getting there, journeying towards financial freedom. I hope and pray that a lot of people would also come to their senses and think about saving for their future.

In my trip to Singapore last February, I learned that the government of Singapore is encouraging their locals to get insurance policies. An average local in SNG has 5-7 insurance policies. Whoa! And they are just a small country. How about our beloved Philippine Island?

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Nor did my parents or their parents. We are the typical Filipinos making ends meet. But last year, I realized, this shouldn’t be my destiny. I know we are not rich but I know I can be rich. Well, to better put it, I want to be financially free. Free to do what I love most, travelling. Free to buy the things I need and want. Free to pay for hospital and medical needs when i get sick.

I am not yet there, but I am still young and I know, by God’s grace, I will get there.
Good thing I have started now while it’s not yet late.

Indeed, Robert Kiyosaki is right when he said these words.
It’s not how much money you make but how much you keep.
I want my money to work for me especially I can no longer work.
I want my future generation to learn from my mistakes and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Life is not just short, it is unpredictable.

I know and I believe I will be FUTURE PROOF… all by God’s grace.

(Photo Courtesy of blueleaf.com)

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